Maximize your team’s ROI with a certified Salesforce consultant from Panga Solutions

Whether you need migration of your Salesforce instance, bringing in legacy data, customizing the platform, or supporting your growing changes, we've got the expertise to help you achieve the goals.

You'll get more than a typical consulting experience with us because we use a fractional business model - we set you up with a dedicated team that works in sprint-like iterations.  In this way, you'll hold power in your hands to make changes as we go. You won't be locked into some number of hours, and your process is free to improve as we work together to create the perfect Salesforce environment for your company!


Salesforce can be incredibly complex; it is a fact. Setting up and customize business dynamics might sound like your worst nightmare, but it's a piece of cake for us. 

  • With Panga Solutions, you'll get a team of experts with years of experience in Salesforce implementation and integration.​

  • Our team will modify your instance to your team's exact needs in a prompt and cost-effective project with minimal risk and unmatched flexibility.

  • We start the process with a strategy review. Then we proceed to the cloud setup with custom development before migrating and cleansing the data. In the meantime, we're consistently following up with ongoing support and maintenance.

Implementing Salesforce

Data Migration

Migrating customer, transactional, and company data from old systems is complicated if you are not familiar with the process. But worries aside - we are experts in the field. 

  • The migration process starts with a field mapping exercise to figure out required, optional, and system-generated fields while incorporating legacy IDs and business rules.

  • The next step is to script the relationships between objects and their dependencies for the records of users, accounts, and potentials.

  • We double-check the admin profiles, configuration, profiles, record types, currencies, products, and more before importing and validating the data. Precision and accuracy are the most important to the way we operate.

Process Optimization

Panga Solutions' consulting process merges observation, mapping, strategy, technology, and analysis to provide you with the best, customized solution.

  • Before automating and smoothing your processes out with software, we work with you to model, cover, and communicate your strategies in detail.

  • Not only do we guarantee that your team can operate the new and upgraded business processes, but we also layer in control for the process owner, evaluate the impact of the updates, and optimize more if we find that more work is needed.

Process Optimization meeting

Tool Integration

We integrated hundreds of third-party tools into Salesforce, and we're constantly learning and improving more.

  • We can accomplish every demand that is related to your digital business! Whether your needs are related to lead nurturing, financial data, targeted marketing campaigns, project management, e-signatures, we've integrated a tool for it.

  • Please check the list of the tools we've integrated for our customers the most so far: Drift, LeadIQ, Wufoo, Cloudingo, Outreach, SalesLoft, DocuSign, HelloSign, Conga Composer, Form Assembly, Zendesk, HubSpot, Dropbox, Clearbit, LinkedIn, Intercom...

Data Sourcing & Enrichment

In a modern business environment, you must be able to trust your data. Also, think is it wise to lose your hours manually cleaning and qualifying your records when we can automate each process for you. 

  • Whether it's lead data, business data, marketing data, or contact data enhancement, we have the right sources and scripts to clean your records, simplify them for managing, and make them more powerful.

  • Get to know your customer's preferences and habits, conquer data decay at scale with thorough, complete, and credible contact records, then use those strengths to gain profit.

Data Sourcing & Enrichment meeting
Development & Training

Development & Training

Led by experienced solution architects in an agile development cycle.

  • If you are looking for training and support, Panga Solutions can provide you with skills and time so your team can reach its full potential.

  • We'll increase your team's sales by providing weekly meetings, kickoff strategy lessons, and on-site meetings.

  • Where practical, we'll leverage existing software solutions and internal IP to get you a solution built to scale with your organizational needs as quickly as possible