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Top 10: Slack + Salesforce

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Why does the Salesforce and Slack integration matter? Here are MY top 10 reasons why the Slack and Salesforce acquisition is great for YOU. I do not have access to any of Salesforce's or Slacks' product forecasts...BUT it is sure fun to speculate and try to understand why large companies combine their efforts to help their customers to be more efficient.

10. Consolidate message to one location for notifications for Salesforce records

You will be able to set up certain notifications on certain records that are customizable for your job functions that will show up in Slack. For me, I check my Slack, email and Volley.

9. Accelerate the digital transformation of companies

Salesforce has been the most innovative company for years and Slack has clearly shown that they are innovative. They have been dominating the instant messaging world. Having your company on products that win only allows you to win.

8. Opens up for simple integrations

Slack's simple platform allows more integration which in turn helps bring data into Salesforce for better reporting. Not saying integrating with Salesforce is difficult, it actually has some of the best API's to integrate with, I am saying there is power in things being simple.

7. Speed up communication with customers

Slack has a great way for connecting people outside of your organization to any current initiatives or projects. Depending on your plan, you may not need to purchase additional licenses.

6. Flexibility

For the companies that have rooted legacy systems, having both Slack and Salesforce working in tandem for the digital transformation will allow time for companies to make the transition off of an on-premise tool to a cloud solution.

5. Democratize access to customer data

Automatically generating customer-specific Slack channels to let teams collaborate and push reports.

4. Slack within Salesforce??

Right now Chatter within Salesforce dominates the messaging within Salesforce. I would not be surprised that if you have Slack, you will be able to flip a switch and start communications ( while using Slack) directly on the records within Salesforce.

3. Video Conferencing and Calling

Being able to work anywhere and going into the office when you feel it's needed is going to be the future. This is probably one of the largest features Slack is investing time and effort in. Video conferencing is huge. Allowing Service or Sales professionals to have a simple click straight from a case or opportunity with increase the bandwidth of these professionals.

2. Streamline approval processes

This is a large one. Getting approval quickly with ease. As mentioned before, the three apps I watch for notifications are from Slack, email and Volley. Streamlining the approval processes for everything from closing a new deal or sending an email marketing campaign to resolving customer change requests is going to be huge. Increasing your bandwidth.

1. Communication from other departments that don't have Salesforce licenses

Salesforce may not like me saying this but you will probably be able to save some money by having channels completely focused on certain themes. Which in turn allows the conversation of, do you need a Salesforce license?

I am excited to see what the future of work is going to look like. There is so much more work that is needed to be done and 2020 has created a large push for companies to take the leap to be technology centric. Salesforce's acquisition may be an incredible move to acquire Slack because change simply starts by talking.

Let me know what you think. What did I miss? Comment below.


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