Four Ways to Automate Your Marketing Operations

What are marketing operations?

Marketing is a multi-faceted area of business. It covers everything from ideation to execution and everything in between. Even when your team creates fabulous ad copy, captivating content, and awesome branded videos, none of it matters if all these elements can’t come together efficiently. This is where marketing operations come into the picture.

The term “marketing operations” refers to the marketing systems in organization, processes, and technology. It is the core of the marketing function that aids a business in measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

It has become harder to reach potential customers and engage existing ones in the ever-evolving world of social media and technology. If you rely on manual outreach processes then it's high time you reexamine the efficiency of your marketing. Too often, repetition, waste, and unnecessary bureaucracy slows down business. Here, automation comes to the rescue by reducing manual intervention.

Even though digitization opened up many opportunities for marketers, the increasing audience and competition make it challenging to be heard and seen.

For a business, this means two things:

· Marketing efforts need to reach the target audience.

· Systems must provide exponential results for the company.

If your business depends on manual work to run lead generation campaigns, communicate with customers, and perform general marketing operations, strategies and campaigns will have limited success. Now, you might be stuck with what we mentioned above wondering how marketing operations help grow your business?

Let’s unravel that!

1. By orienting your business around the customer experience

2. By enhancing the effectiveness of the marketing efforts

3. By creating predictable and scalable processes

4. By providing measurable results

Automate Your Marketing Operations

1)Lead management

Lead management is a full-time job in itself. It requires significant effort and attention to detail.

However, it becomes systematic and manageable with automation prospect management.

There are three parts involved here.

· Lead generation

· Lead tracking

· Lead nurture

All of them need precise and dedicated workflows that seamlessly operate together.

2)Customer communication

It's challenging enough to respond to messages from your team. And while your coworkers may forgive you for leaving them unread, your leads and customers won't. Automation can help your team stay on top of communication at each stage of the customer journey.

Here are a few examples where you need to deploy automation:

· Notify your team about new leads

· Automatically message new leads

· Send post-purchase notifications

· Collect and organize feedback

3)Data reporting and analytics

Marketing operation professionals are often the head data wranglers, pulling information from siloed channels to create reports and make strategic recommendations. It's a laborious task because it usually requires streamlining.

Streamlining data between apps

It becomes easier when marketers deal with a few workflows rather than having too many apps to keep track of.

Generating reports

Spreadsheets are functional and flexible, but sometimes a specific analytics app will do the job better. You may use automated workflows to create measurements in Google Analytics for the specific activity you want to measure outside your website, such as calendar bookings.

4)Cleaning up data:

Marketing operations teams are continuously on clean up duty keeping data tidy, so campaigns run efficiently. Automating tools such as Zapier and Airtable ensure that everything is working smoothly. Automating alerts can help you catch data errors right away.

So, where can we help?

Panga Solutions can help you build a team of professionals to undertake results-driven marketing operations for your company. Our team of experts can assist you with all aspects of marketing operations!

Most businesses must constantly collect data from all aspects of their operations to ensure process optimization. We have an exclusive partnership with Boomi integration services and Adobe Workfront Fusion services in the United States. We can assist in strategizing, creating, and executing successful marketing campaigns of any size. Having interconnected systems means your company is more intelligent, flexible, secure, and efficient, with a contemporary IT foundation that can adapt to a constantly changing global environment and get you to market faster.

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