Adobe adds Workfront integrations to creative & marketing apps

Updated: Mar 29

When delivering personalized customer experiences, companies can’t afford to lose a single dollar, minute, or great idea to distraction or inefficiencies.

But as marketers cater to increasing demand, they juggle more tools and applications that don’t play well together. Businesses often fumble over several different programs and software tools a core part of their daily workload.

A recent study by Pandium on the 1,000 fastest-growing SaaS (Software-as-a-service) companies found that these large companies run a median of 15 software integrations.

App platforms like Zapier, LeadsBridge and Microsoft Flow offer more than 500 integrations.

As businesses in every industry are managing more complex systems, a shift towards unified automation is essential to stay competitive. When a company grows, the importance of system integration grows with it.

Unfortunately, system integration is often inadvertently overlooked.

Implementing integrations evolves a traditional business into an enterprise that can leverage technology to outperform its competition.

It also opens up technological opportunities; these form the core of a digital transformation process that translates directly into better business performance. It allows organizations to create a central software architecture that can seamlessly connect & pass data between systems and software.

Integrations play a crucial role in effectively eliminating bottlenecks (data transmission and conversion) and slashing down on the inefficiencies of dealing with multiple software.

Reducing communication delays and increasing accuracy reduces human error, and increases the rate of business growth.

Adobe has emerged as the go-to solution for enterprises due to its recent collaboration with Workfront.

Workfront is a cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solution that helps marketing, IT, and other enterprise teams conquer the chaos of complex workflows and digital asset management. It enables the efficient function of marketing operations for teams working in geographically scattered offices or remotely.

As part of Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Workfront delivers integration tools to support the whole marketing cycle. It covers campaigns, marketing operations, creative and content, and centralizing work so that cross-functional teams can execute work from anywhere.

The Adobe Workfront marketing system helps in the following ways:

● Eliminates silos and connects people, processes, data, and technology so teams can collaborate with context and tie all work to the brand strategy.

● Automates processes, reduces errors and inefficiencies.

● Aligns resources with capacity and demand, providing managers with the ability to shift people and budgets to match customer expectations.

● Collects data and surfaces insights for more effective predictions.

Adobe Workfront has native integrations into Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager. In addition, Adobe Workfront Fusion provides a visual, codeless solution that enables integration and automation across the Adobe ecosystem and other business applications.

This type of integration provides a unified communication layer between the disconnected products, business units and partners of a company.

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