7 Habits of Highly Successful Boomi Developers

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

The other day my neighbor jumped on social media to ask anyone if they had a copy of a book they could borrow. Their son needed to complete a book report by tomorrow. The funny thing, the book was 7 Habits of Highly Effective People...

Putting the 'pro' in procrastination is definitely not one of the 7 Habits Steven Covey discusses in his book and the irony made me laugh. It also made me think of my own habits in life that make me successful or unsuccessful. Here I've listed 7 of the top habits that have made working with Boomi, very successful for me and the organizations I've worked with.

1. Having a Clean Layout

Having been using Boomi for almost six years now and in helping different teams adopt Boomi, I've learned that just like writing code, it's really important to have a clean layout. With the drag and drop features, sometimes the arrows overlap each other and it's really difficult to pay attention to what shape performs what action in each step.

If your organization is large enough, you will have someone approving your work through tests. If the approver cannot decipher where the logic is going, there will be mistakes made that could be detrimental, especially if you are running millions of records.

2. Standardized Naming

In consulting engagements, I have been complemented on the standardized naming that I put into place when I have built out their processes. It's kind of difficult to put the right amount of information in the title of the shape, but not so much that it becomes a sentence.

Below is a style guide of some shapes that I use:

- Maps: [System] [Table] {Action} [System] [Table] ex. SFDC Opportunity UPSERT NS Sales Order

-Operation: I usually paste whatever the XML arrives but put in all caps the ACTION ex. SF_Account_UPDATE_Request

3. Less is More

If you don't need it, don't put it in, it's not a contest. Like the first rule, keep the layout clean. If it is business critical to add the shape then add it, but don't go crazy.

Usually what happens is, the company finds value in Boomi and starts thinking of more ways to improve their integrations or EDI and the developer will build on top of the current integration by adding shapes. A good rule of thumb is, if you are making a new action without replacing the current action, create sub-process or use the shape Process Call.

4. Don't Say "No, can do!" Right Away

One of the main reasons I have become a partner to Boomi's Atomsphere is the platform. I have been constantly impressed by what Boomi has been able to do with the different request I have received from business owners.

It could be because of the team members that I have had an honor to work with but if the business owners can give a clear vision, most likely Boomi can integrate or automate the process. It's wonderful!


I have worked with teams that have had a focus on agile project management and those that follow the "waterfall" effect. In working with Boomi it is a night and day change when a project is run using Scrum.

One of the best books that I have come across is from the legend himself, Kenneth S. Rubin. Essential Scrum. He is one of the original architects that have came up with the agile methodology. I like to have weekly sprints while working Boomi integrations. The sprints allow the developers to have complete focus on improvements to Boomi processes and give quick enough responses to deliver great customer service.

6. Be An Effective Troubleshooter

Being an effective troubleshooter is a core skill you pick up as a developer. You HAVE to be able to troubleshoot and be patient with the process. iPaaS is still a growing field, a very fast growing field, and you need to feel comfortable in your abilities to figure things out and break things down to move forward.

The beautiful thing about Boomi is that they also have a great community site full of active users. It is easy to use and very clean. There are other applications out there that do not have a great community setting and require you to call support to get through the community site -- which is such a waste of everyone's time. Boomi is definitely doing something right!

7. Keeping Up with Release Notes

I saved this one for last because it is absolutely critical. Often, when working with databases that are behind the firewall or working with molecules it is important to keep up with what changes Boomi has to offer to enhance a user's experience. Just like any application that is used in any department, knowing the release cycle and staying on top of the release notes is important.

Overall, Boomi is a great iPaaS, which must be why they are a leader in the Gartner magic quatrant.

What are some of your best habits that you have developed while using Boomi? Please comment below!

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